We are declared as Competent person for testing & certification of equipments under factory act from different states (i.e. UP, MP, Punjab, Haryana, Himanchal Pradesh , Uttarakhand , Delhi and J&K)

Our company has all the necessary equipment for testing the lifting tools and pressure vessels according to National and International standards. Following testing, instruments are used by our company to check the durability and quality of lifting tools.

Cal lifters, Pliers, Anemometer, Decibel meter, Lux or Light meters for measuring illuminances, Hydraulic pump (Manual and Motorize) up to 100kg/cm2, , Slide Wrench, pipe wrench, a set of round spanners, Ultrasonic thickness gauge, D-shackles of varying capacity, Bull Dog clips, a set of D-spanners, Testing Dynamometer of capacity 20 MT and many others.

We have different testing procedures and criteria for various machines and equipment.

To assess the Ventilation system anemometer is used to assess the speed of exhaust and wind changes are noted in a gap of one hour. To detect noise Level dB meter is used. Work environment conditions are assessed by measuring the level of illumination by Lux meter.

Dangerous machines at the workplace are assessed by general visual examination and be testing load capacity.

Lifts installed at work sites are also tested by visual examination and by testing the load capacity.

Very advanced technology is used to test the lifting tools and machines like Electric overhead traveling crane, chain pulley block, D-shackles, wire rope slings, mobile cranes etc. All this heavy machinery tested after every 6 months by visual external examination and ultrasound thickening and hydraulic testing is done once a year.

Our tools and machinery team is also highly qualified and experienced in their work.