Each year a huge amount of cases of accidents at construction sites are reported. And mostly these are due to falling from a height. These incidents involve both falling of a worker from a height or of some instrument or other working equipment. These incidents most often cost workers life or cause severe injuries leading to permanent disabilities. Our company provides a complete and safe set up for such types of work sites. We also provide training to workers who work on heightened construction sites.

During working at heightened places a very solid and stable base must be made to prevent any kind of collapse. Proper safety measures for prevention of falling from a platform which includes borders and railings should be used.

Barriers must be used in such working sites so that people shouldn't be allowed at places where overhead construction is going on. If the basic preventive facilities are not available then proper alternative arrangements should be made to provide safety to workers.

We can customize the safety set up according to the working site and circumstances. We work according to international and national standards of safety measurements.

In the case of fragile roofing, crawling boards should be used to avoid accidents. Stability of platforms should be ensured. The material of working assembly also matters a lot. Railing, ladders and platforms of non-rust material should be used. Training of workers matters a lot and our company provides the basic and essential training for the workers working on heightened places.