One of the most common accidents that lead to biggest losses in the field of industry is those related to the fire. Any incident of fire in industry cause loss of millions and also cause loss of precious life of workers and other officers who are caught inside. Seeing the importance of firefighting abilities and set up our company has worked on it. Now we have the best team of professionally trained firefighters and other men related to fire incidents. Our team of fire professionals comprises of Fire officer for management, Fire supervisors to look after the work, Qualified Fire engine Drivers, Fire Engineers to provide technical services. The whole staff is fully experienced and dedicated for their work.

Our company provides its services for the management of fire at various levels including commercial, residential and industrial levels. We also visit industries to assess the risk of fire and give them a plan to make changes to avoid it. We also provide training to other fire professional to tackle fire conditions and its prevention. We have maintained National and International standards (NBS, NFRA, TAC, FMG, OISD, and BS) of firefighting setup and skills. We also provide our services in the installation of fire fighting equipment in industries and their maintenance. We conduct demos to teach how to act in cases of fire which include quick response plans and evacuation plans and these are customized according to industry building. You can hire our fire professionals and we also provide fire equipment on rent.

We can provide all these services i.e. audit fire audit, training of firefighters, installation, and maintenance of fire fighting equipment and fire drills.