Audit of different projects of an industry is a basic requirement and we provide best professional auditors for this service. Our company has more than 400 highly skilled audit professionals who have provided their services to many companies. Our auditory professionals have provided the most valid audit reports to different companies.

We are working in India and also internationally and have done an audit of many renowned companies and big projects. Knowing the legal importance of audit to check the financial regularity, adherence of projects to plan, competency of management and accessing the overall progress of a project according to plan our company provides best services in doing a safety audit, fire audit, and EHS audit. Apart from this we also provide its services for a compliance audit. We provide audit services according to certain criteria which include requirements of our client, international standards, and circumstantial audit.

In Compliance audit, we determine whether a company is following the rules and regulations and working according to the pact signed. We provide our services regarding this, according to requirements of an industry and our client's instructions and audit code; ISI 14489:1988.

Factory Act 1948/NBC (Vol-IV), NEPA, BS9999:2008, is followed strictly in doing Fire audits.

To meet National and International standards the EMS codes 14001 & OHSAS 18001 are followed and audit is done accordingly. EHS audits are done as specifically in circumstances of a natural disaster which affects the project, apart from this construction EHS audits are done for construction sites. EHS audit for contractors is also done along with performance audits.