KRTECH believes in providing best services regarding EHS and Fire professionals. To meet modern day requirements our company provides latest technical skills to our EHS workers and fire professionals. The company has the best training set up for the employees. The motto of KRTECH is to provide its best services and highly professional skilled technicians for the safety human life, national economy, and natural environment. KRTECH is providing its services at various levels in a number of fields of life. Our technicians work at various skill levels, according to their experience and skills to provide the best. All the professionals are trained best to do their job. Our professionals work at three management levels, while the quality of work is supervised by a supervision team. This checks and balance system refines the quality of services provided. Our higher management includes Vice President, Assistant Vice President, General Manager, Deputy General Manager and an Assistant General Manager. The middle management consists of a Senior Manager, Deputy Manager, and Assistant Manager. Lower Management has a staff consisting of an Engineer and a senior Engineer or Officers of equivalent levels. The ground level work is supervised by very highly qualified Supervisors which include a Supervisor, fireman, and a field supervisor. The staff of all these levels works in coordination and collaboration to provide with best services.

Our services include vast fields of like including government and public sector and to many national and multinational companies of: