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Safety services for oil

Oil and gas industry are at risk of dangerous incidents most often. Our company provides best industrial safety services for prevention of such incidents in oil and gas industry. Apart from this EHS risks is also high in oil and gas industry. To tackle EHS problems related to this industry we have an efficient management system.

  • In Audits section we do both internal audits (throughout the year) and external audits (once a year) to see company’s business issues and its financial status. We also do energy audits to maintain a check and balance for energy needs and energy supply.
  • To prevent the risk of accidents we have services of Hazard and operability (HAZOP), Hazard identification (HAZIP) and Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) to assess any risk and to identify the possible hazards.
  • Planning for any anticipated emergency situation and quick response for such circumstances.
  • We offer training programs for EHS and have a system for management of EHS and EHS consultancy.
  • We also provide services to classify the areas of hazard and to train the organization for maintaining safety conditions for such areas
  • We also have Change Managements systems to assist any sort of transition of the plan for use of oil and gas resources.
  • We also estimate limitations of physical effects modeling and develop a system to estimate the incidence of any kind of risk for a particular process.
  • We also determine Safety Integrity Level find a reduction in risk factors by applying proper safety measures.
  • Management of toxic gasses, oils, and other hazardous chemicals is also provided.
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