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Our company has also launched a special series of softwares for industrial application. These software services have application in healthcare services, environment safety, control of waste management and many other industry related applications. Following is a set of software applications that our company provides:

Software for power management to assess the utility and supply of energy
Software for healthcare management to check the provision of proper health facilities to workers
Software for careful inspection of various equipment to verify the working condition of these equipment
Software for management of Working platforms in heighted workplaces to ensure the safety of worker
Software for EHS audit to improve EHS audit services
Software for EHS inspection
Software for the analysis of safety of job
Software for EHS training program to assess the skills of workers
Software for Environmental care to fulfill social responsibility of environmental care
Software for the permit to work
Software for disaster management program
Software for estimation of Accidental loss
Software for reporting the incidence of accidents and near-miss
Software for Hazardous Operability (HAZOP), in cases of hazards
Software for animated movies and short clips on EHS
Software for looking after the safety of project
Software for behavior-based safety management
Software for Lockout-Tagout (LOTO) management to ensure that dangerous machines are not in use before the completion of their maintenance.
Software to control ID card of employee and headcount management

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