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Our company provides guidelines for achieving National and International EHS awards. We help companies to get awards from different National and International awarding bodies like National Safety Council (NSC), Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) etc.

To maintain the standards meeting the criteria of awarding agencies we conduct third party investigations. Our company has highly qualified staff to conduct an audit and investigate accidents. Our team members are expert in their fields and have a large number of successful impartial investigations on their credit.

Third party investigations are essential for certain reasons:

Third party investigations are unbiased. No one is favored in such investigations and due to this fairness of the system, it helps to find the main cause of failure.
Third party investigations involve the keen study of the cause of accidents without any directions from outside and it helps to develop Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) to prevent such accidents in future.
An investigation carried out by the third party shows the credibility and reliability of a company to the awarding bodies.
Apart from taking preventive measures third-party investigations also provide valuable knowledge to workers to tackle the similar situation in future.

Besides this, our company has also formulated a set up to give safety awards itself. For this purpose, we have inducted an experienced jury, consisting of experts from different fields. All these awards will be given according to National and International standards and as permitted by Statutory bodies.

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